Charity Team Building is Team Building With a Social Cause

Fulfill your company’s social mission while enhancing team skills with charity team building.

When you book a charity team building workshop through CTBI, you’re getting more than just a fun day out of the office.  Prepare for positive change at every level, and the benefits just keep on rolling out, even long after your event.

But here’s what you can expect right away:

  • Make a difference in the community by creating donations.
  • Build bridges with local groups.
  • Boost team skills like communication and collaboration.
  • Give a shot in the arm to team morale.
  • Increase Return on Investment by spending training dollars wisely.

Teams who donate together work better together.

It’s true- we see it every week!  When groups come together to build something that helps others, there’s a certain type of magic that happens.  Morale is improved.  Trust takes root.  Lines of communication open up.  Eventually, you start to see an uptick in productivity levels… all from one charity team building workshop.

That’s because the idea of doing something good for people in your community is something that everyone can wrap his head around.

Just ask our clients- Google, Wells Fargo and others will tell you that after our charity team builders, their teams return to work refreshed, relaxed, energized, and ready to give their all to team projects.

Studies tell us we’re doing this right.

One of the biggest problems dogging American businesses today is low levels of employee engagement.  One way to combat that is to get employees involved in your corporate charitable giving.  That brings everyone together behind a company philosophy of giving back…something that goes a long way towards employee retention, engagement, and productivity!

When people feel that their values are aligned with company values, morale is higher and everything just gets better and better.

Our charity workshops offer so much more than team builders that don’t offer anything to the community.  Whether it’s building bikes or assembling teddy bears, these workshops have value, both for the community and for your team.

There’s a side benefit: building team skills.

It’s hard to imagine there’s time for working on important team skills amidst all the activity of a hands-on charity workshop.  But that’s why our clients love us.  We don’t just send teams away with a good feeling.  They’ve actually learned new skills and put them to the test by the time they’ve created all their donated items and the event has come to a close.  It’s not called “team building” for nothing!

Why not grow team spirit, boost morale, and develop team building skills while you’re at it?  Give us a call today and find out all the exciting choices we offer for team building that gives back.