Bike-A-Thon™ Bicycle Team Building

If your team hasn’t experienced a Bike-A-Thon™ Bicycle Team Building workshop, then they’re in for a truly satisfying and rewarding team event.

 This classic workshop combines doing good things for charity with basic team building skills for an all-around truly fantastic and totally impactful experience.

What makes Bike-A-Thon™ so powerful and so popular?

Doing good is the singular factor that drives everyone who participates in a Bike-A-Thon™ workshop.

The sense that everyone is coming together to create something to help the community is about as powerful a concept as you might imagine!

Watch that energy go to work for your team, as they discover the magic of rolling up sleeves and building things for other people.  There’s nothing like it.

Give back and build your team skills…that’s a win-win!

Our bicycle team building workshops are always fun, but that’s merely a by-product of when teams work hard together to work through challenges we give them.

We don’t just arrive and set up bicycle building stations for your group.  Where’s the team building in that?

Instead, we set up fun team challenges that groups must overcome before they’re able to collect bicycle parts and tools.  So, you get that wonderful motivation to do good things and it’s powering the drive to do better at team building skills such as…

  • communication
  • collaboration
  • big picture thinking

See how it all comes together?  We’re leveraging the common desire to help the community to drive improvement in team skills.  Again, it’s worth repeating: that’s a win-win!

Improve workplace habits in a stress-free zone.

It’s obvious we do a lot more in our Bike-A-Thon™ charity bike build event than you might be used to.  However, keep in mind the priority here is building a bike for local kids…nobody ever loses sight of that.

We do some light exploration of personality styles before the bicycle building begins…all in the name of learning to appreciate diversity.  It’s pretty simple actually: personality styles are brought to light, and then the group matches those personality styles with communication styles.  Once we have even just a tiny grasp of that relationship, it’s so much easier to improve our communication skills.

Customize it!

If all you have in mind is a quick workshop that dives right into building bicycles, we’ll arrange that for you.  On the other hand if you’d like a full-day event that combines bicycle building with some deeper activities on team building skills like communication or collaboration, we’ll put that together for you too.

Our clients use the Bike-A-Thon™ in so many different ways- from conference break-out sessions to annual meeting capstone events.  Some simply schedule Bike-A-Thon™ as a way to rev up the energy and focus before the start of a big project.

Call us today and we can help you put together a Bike-A-Thon™ bicycle team building workshop that suits your agenda and your schedule.  You won’t be disappointed with the results.