Donate a Dinner ™

When you choose our Donate a Dinner ™ charity workshop, you’re choosing to invest in your community while you build teamwork skills for the workplace.

This workshop helps out in the most fundamental way, by helping to end hunger.

How Donate Dinner™ Helps You Give Back

Donate-A-Dinner-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoBy competing for points as they develop team building skills, your group is working to earn meals for the hungry right in your community. Points transform into donated dinners…the more points the teams earn, the more dinners they’ll be donating. The result? A direct impact on positive change taking place right now.

Develop Valuable Team Skills, Donate More

Teams must work hard to work through obstacles, demonstrating improved communication skills to achieve success. But that’s not all they’ll be improving! Each and every one of the carefully selected activities in this workshop lend themselves to improving your team’s skills.

They’ll come away with improvements in:

  • communication
  • collaboration
  • creative problem solving
  • big picture thinking
  • …and anything you’d like to target!

Teams work hard, but our facilitators keep it light. They know how to keep things going, all the while steering participants towards achieving success by putting targeted skills to the test. Teams who give it their “all” will progress through the modules, accomplishing goals and strengthening their ability to work effectively and efficiently as a team.

What Brings it all Together? Working for a Cause!

If you’ve even attended a team building workshop where people just weren’t that into it, then you know how unproductive these things can be when participants aren’t engaged. It’s a downright waste of time and money!

Well you certainly don’t have to worry about teams getting into the swing of things and working hard to improve their skills with us! Not only are our facilitators brilliant at getting the energy up and keeping the momentum going, but the power of a social mission draws teams together like nothing else. As Robert F. Kennedy once said:

“You’re happiest while you’re making the greatest contribution.” -Robert F. Kennedy

In the end, positive change is happening all around…with your team, in the community, and at your company as your group helps them fulfill their social mission.

We’ll Customize it For You!

If you have a 501(c) with whom you usually conduct charitable transactions, then just let us know. We’ll calculate the dollar amount from the number of dinners “earned” by your team, and help you make that donation.

We can also customize the workshop itself for you…time frame, focus, targeted skills, it’s all negotiable. Just ask!