Happy Tails Charity Team Building Workshop

The Happy Tails Charity Team Building Workshop Benefits Local Animal Shelters

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

-Mahatma Gandhi, attributed

Pet shelters enrich our community by providing pet adoption services- why not help them out by choosing our Happy Tails Charity Team Building Workshop? You team will collaborate to build pet adoption care packages to ease the burden of rescuing a pet.
Did you know that a main reason so many pets can’t find homes is the high upfront cost of adopting them? Things like food bowls, collars and chew toys can really add up.

That’s were you come in!

By choosing Happy Tails for your next team building workshop, you’ll be contributing to local pet shelters and making adoptions more financially possible for the kind people who are about to open their homes and rescue a pet.

Team Building With a Purpose & Results That Last

It’s team building at its best: when colleagues find common ground in a cause they can all believe in, they’ll work even harder to pursue workshop goals.

That’s where we come in!

Our workshop developers and professional facilitators incorporate learning into every hands-on activity. Teams aren’t just playing games…they’re building valuable skills that they’ll take back to the workplace for long-term improvement in things like:

  • communication skills
  • Big Picture Thinking
  • learning personality styles
  • collaboration

One thing we stress in Happy Tails is the value in understanding how different personality styles communicate. When colleagues know each others’ styles, they begin to communicate much more easily. That means you’ll be seeing a drop in conflict with a corresponding rise in productivity.

Contribute Locally, Nationally, or Any Way You Like: It’s About You!

You can strengthen local connections by sending your team’s pet car packages to a local animal shelter, or if you’d rather, we’ll arrange to have them donated to the ASPCA. Alternatively, if your company would like donations to go elsewhere, just say the word and we’ll make those arrangements, too.

Whatever the case may be, your donation goes towards easing the pet adoption process…making a world of difference for shelters who are forced, sadly, to euthanize more than half the animals they take in simply because they can’t place them all.

Communities benefit from pet shelters that take care of strays, facilitate adoptions, and help pet owners locate missing pets. Happy Tails Charity Team Building lets your team get involved in a way that makes sense to everyone.

If you’d like to learn more, please call us or fill out our handy quote form.