Mission Kids Care

Kids need a lot of help when it comes to getting prepared for school.  Your team can help out with that, by joining the Mission Kids Care ™ charity team building workshop.

It’s how your company can give back in a meaningful way that has an immediate impact on local families.

How does the Mission Kids Care ™ workshop work?

Mission-Kids-Care-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoFirst, kids need backpacks.  Second, they need school supplies.  Why not supply both?  That’s what your group does, when they fill these backpacks with much-needed school supplies that kids need in the schools these days.

You may not be aware of this, but the back-to-school season is a stressful time for many families simply because of all the things they need to buy for their children for the first day of school.  And that’s outside of any new clothes and shoes they might need!

Items like pens & pencils, notebooks, and other tools of learning can really add up to quite big bill all at once.  For families who can’t afford these things, it’s hard to properly prepare their kids for success.

Help prepare local kids for success at school.

By making donations of backpacks full of important school supplies, your team can give kids in your community a leg up for success.  It’s all about preparation!

And preparation happens to be the theme of the Mission: Kids Care™ workshop, too.  There are important team building lessons that come along with completing this workshop, ones which will make your team stronger and better than before they took this workshop.

Preparation is useful no matter who you are!

Seems like every workplace is busy all the time…nobody has extra time on their hands.  For that reason, planning is often overlooked when it comes to team projects.

But proper planning of how teams will approach their work is essential to maximize success.  We should all do more of it!

The lessons of Mission Kids Care ™ are that preparation is necessary for the best outcome.  Sometimes just a few minutes of planning can lead to increased output and efficiency.  It’s just one part of the entire, multi-faceted plan for increased productivity.

Teams who are faced with huge deluges of information at work every day can learn to prioritize, sort through everything, and master their workloads more efficiently.

All it takes is a little planning!

Prepare kids for success while your team gets better at planning too.

If you’d like to help out local kids and families so kids can get the right start on getting an education, give us a call.  Mission Kids Care ™ might be the perfect workshop for your team, especially if education is part of your company mission.  Together we can work out a plan for success that involves strengthening your team’s skills while they give back to the community.