Mission Military Care

Few would argue: our military service men and women are some of the bravest people!  When it comes to courage they wrote the book, and it’s from their valor that we take inspiration for our Mission Military Care charity team building workshop.

We fully support the courage our troops have displayed in serving our country, which is why we came up with the idea of a charity workshop that benefits them!

Mission Military Care ™ helps you support our troops.

Mission-Military-Care-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoWhen military troops get stationed overseas, there’s no end to the small things in life they miss.  This workshop has your group preparing “care packages” filled with many of the goodies military service men and women long for when they’re stationed far from home.

What’s inside a Military Care Package?

Sometimes it’s personal care items, and other times it’s entertainment…how about both?  Anything is possible because we can customize the contents of your group’s care packages.  Tailor your gifts to fit the season, a theme, or your company culture…even your company’s products if they fit the bill!

Your group makes a direct impact on the lives of soldiers stationed overseas.

It’s not every day that teams get to be a part of positive change in the world.  Your team will have a direct hand in creating the care packages before they’re sent away by one of our partner organizations.

For past clients we’ve worked with the following groups to distribute the care packages:

  • Operation Gratitude
  • Operation Shoebox
  • Operation Stars & Stripes

These outfits serve to ensure your packages get to the service men and women who need them most…all over the globe.

Courage that’s inspirational.

In showing courage for their country, our military personnel serve to inspire others to be courageous as well, in whatever form it may take in every individual’s life.  What does that mean for your group and their team building workshop?  Plenty!

Your group’s time spent assembling the military care packages is all about giving back.  But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some good skill development going on at the same time.

We orchestrate everything so every task serves double-duty.  First, teams are working to create donations for military personnel.  Secondly, they’re also learning and practicing valuable workplace skills so they can return to work better than they were before their workshop.

Finding the courage to speak up and be a part of the team.

We help each member of your team to find the courage to be part of every group activity, contributing in his or her own unique way.  Our activities stress the importance of having a diversity of contributions to any group project because things just work better that way!

In short, when everyone puts in his own two cents, the team benefits overall.  That’s teamwork!

Want to know more?  Call us or send us a note from the quote form.  Mission Military Care ™ is a great way to build teamwork and a great way to give back.