Puttin Pantry

For a fun twist on charity workshops, Puttin Pantry ™ takes donations to new levels.  Your group gets the best of both worlds: working for the greater good, and building their team skills.

What in the world is Puttin Pantry ™?

We took cues from the world of golf to create an original event that gets your team working together for a common cause.  They’ll feel the pull of doing good for others as they work towards creating a substantial donation for local food pantries. But like all our charity workshops, it’s not just about giving…it’s about working together to give more.

Teams are challenged to design and build mini golf courses right there in the workshop space.  They’ll draw upon classic teamwork skills such as:

  • communication
  • collaboration
  • creative thinking
  • big picture thinking
  • working with limited resources
  • negotiating feedback
  • measuring success

Here’s where the “pantry” items come in…

The tie-in is the materials used to construct the golf courses: boxes and cans of food!  After the courses have been built, teams compete on them to see who dreamed up the best mini golf course design. Of course points are awarded for creativity!

Once the competition is over with, the courses are disassembled and the food pantry items are collected and prepared for their destination: a local food pantry.

It’s a renewed commitment to work together as a team.

We admit it: designing mini golf courses with food pantry items is a peculiar type of challenge!  It’s a lot of fun of course, but it also symbolizes a lot of the challenges that arise in the work place.  A few of them are mentioned above- collaboration is an important one.

We like to think it’s a fun event that helps teams give back to the community in fun and inspiring ways.  The bonus benefit for you is that they also come away with a renewed sense of teamwork. Without even realizing it, teams who experience Puttin Pantry ™ are improving important skills like communication.  The light and easy challenges of this workshop stand for larger obstacles they face at work, especially when working in a team environment.

There are several bonus benefits rolled into Puttin Pantry ™.

Achieving their goals in the stress-free environment of the Puttin Pantry ™ workshop means teams gain confidence, they learn more about one another, and they strengthen the bonds that make them extraordinary.

If you’d like to make your team extraordinary while you all give back to the community, please give us a call (or fill out the handy quote form you see on this site).  If you call and it’s busy, just try again a little later and we’ll be sure to answer all your questions about Puttin Pantry ™ and how it can make your team great!