Wagon Builders

Building little red wagons filled with much-needed items for local families gets your team involved in a very direct way with giving back.  Wagon Builders ™ lets your team experience first-hand the feeling of helping others…and best of all, it’s right in your own back yard!

Helping out local families.

Wagon-Builders-Charity-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoWe partner with local charitable organizations to pair your donations with a deserving group of local families.  When team members build the little red wagons, they fill them with what local families need: household items, toys for the holidays, or any kind of necessity or gift we can dream up together.

You’re building community connections, helping out the neighborhood, and allowing your team to initiate positive change and feel good about the company they work for.  Lots of wins in there!

Wagon Builders ™ is customize-able!

That’s what is so great about the Wagon Builders ™ charity team building workshop.  It can be tailored to match any occasion, and event, and any benefactor.  If your company has a charitable organization you usually partner with, great.  We’ll make all the necessary connections to set things up and get the ball rolling.

Building wagons, creating hope.

Bicycle building helps out local kids, but Wagon Builders ™ helps out kids and their families.  When a family that’s in a rough spot receives a wagon full of helpful items, they’re reminded that the world isn’t a completely cold place to be.  Somebody cares!

That’s what keeps hope alive for so many families who are in need.  Little Red Wagons are as much as symbol of something great as they are a welcome boost to a family’s household.

This workshop is for teams and for families.

While your team is busy assembling wagons and filling them with goodies (and maybe preparing them for a gorgeous, decorated presentation at the end of the workshop), they’re also building important skills.

We’re talking about teamwork skills here:

  • communication
  • collaboration
  • big picture thinking
  • and others

That’s because this workshop is all about creating donations, but with the way we do things around here, it’s also about teamwork.  You see, we don’t just give wagon parts and tools to teams- they have to earn them!

There’s some team-building taking place, too.

How do teams earn points towards tools and parts?  By successfully navigating the fun challenges we have ready for them when they walk through the door on the day of the workshop.

It’s a no-stress environment where team members get to practice new ways of communicating, problem-solving, and the like.  And it all funnels towards creating little red wagons to be filled with wonderful donations for local families.

See why our clients love this workshop so much?

If you’d like to feel the magic that happens when little red wagons go out to your community, ones that your team built, then give us a call.  Don’t have time to call?  Use our handy quote form and either way, we’ll get right back to you about a workshop for positive change in your community.