Corporate Development Training

Want to boost team skills without boring everyone to death?  Our corporate development training workshops will engage everyone in your group with meaningful activities that lead to positive change at work.

Engagement is priority #1.

The first priority in all our workshops is making sure everyone’s on board with the schedule of events for the day.  That means warming up groups with ice breakers that serve to start everyone off on the same foot.  When groups relax and realize our facilitators aren’t going to put them through any silly or embarrassing games, everything flows better from that point on.

Our facilitators know how to reach everyone in a group- and that’s important because if everyone isn’t participating, then not everyone is benefiting!

Engagement leads to openness to new ways of working together.

Your group reaches a level of trust with the facilitator- trust that this workshop is going to be fascinating, relevant, and useful for future growth at work.  They’ll also realize quickly that they’re about to gain some wonderful insights, both about themselves and each other.

That’s when the magic begins.  Now everyone can work together on the goals at hand.  From learning about personality styles to learning new ways to collaborate and avoid conflict, goals are met and teams go from ho-hum to outstanding!

Facing challenges results in new-found strengths.

All our workshops incorporate just a few hints of friendly challenge so teams get a chance to put their new skills to the test.  It’s a beautiful thing to see everyone flexing their new teamwork muscles…be prepared to watch that happen long after the workshop has ended, too!

Putting it all together means new skills get transferred back to the office.

How do we know your team will continue to improve once they’ve returned to work?  We incorporate a “debriefing” session towards the end of our corporate development workshops, whereby participants get to work out how their workshop insights will translate to real life.  It’s part of our proven formula for team development success.

Customization happens here, too.

We want you to get the most out of your corporate training dollars.  That’s why we customize everything for each workshop, according to what you tell us your goals are, and how you’d like to see your workshop be run.

That includes adjusting the length of your workshop.  From 2 hours to a full day, we’ll customize a package that covers all you want to happen.  A popular combination is a corporate training workshop and a charity workshop.

Ready for positive change, tangible results, and better teamwork all around, score a win with us and call today- we can get started on your corporate development workshop right away.