The Amazing Scavenger Race

When you want to challenge a group that’s full of energy and already works well together, the Amazing Scavenger Rac e™ is the perfect solution.

Like no other workshop offered anywhere, the Amazing Scavenger Race™ puts your team to the test in the most fun and imaginative ways!  Read on to find out why it’s one of our most popular team building workshops ever.

The Amazing Scavenger Race ™ is for high-energy teams.

Since teamwork skills are put to the test right away in this event, it’s for groups who can handle a bit of fun challenge to their skills.  Your group will be divided into teams, then given an envelope and set loose upon the city to search and discover clues that lead them from one local hotspot to another.

It’s a scavenger race that has teams criss-crossing the neighborhood to solve puzzles.  Once they succeed in finding the next spot on their quest to complete, they have to snap pictures as proof they made it.

Those pictures are part of the challenge, too.  The “winners” of the Amazing Scavenger Race ™ are the team who not only makes it to all the spots on the list but also who completes in good time and who takes wonderfully creative pictures.

There are tons of fun reasons to book the Amazing Scavenger Race™!

  • It’s a fabulous way to initiate new team members- what a great way to get to know the city with new colleagues!
  • It’s also great for teams who’ve worked together for years, since a new environment and totally fresh challenges will put the zest back into their collective team spirit.
  • That’s why the Amazing Scavenger Race™ makes a great pick-me-up event or even a fun way to celebrate the completion of a challenging project.
  • Maybe your team just met a goal after a lot of hard work?  This makes a wonderful way to reward and congratulate them.

Customize it!

We design the Amazing Scavenger Race™ for you, but if you want to add input, we’re all ears.  Clients in the past have had a ball helping to design the course, suggesting local spots like historical destinations or famous landmarks that make the race so much more fun.

We can even design your Amazing Scavenger Race™ around a central theme (pubs?  cafes?  museums?  quirky?).  It’s all completely customizeable, even the length of the workshop.  From a half day to a full day of events, we’ll work around your schedule.

The final piece.

Once every team has complete their Amazing Scavenger Race ™, everyone gathers back at command central for a rollicking good time viewing a hilarious slide show.  Who made the show?  Teams did…all those pictures they took to prove they’d made it to each hub in the race?

The pictures are uploaded by team members during the race, and our facilitator weaves them together into a slide show that caps off the event in the proper way…with everyone laughing and having a great time!

If you’d like to schedule an Amazing Scavenger Race ™ for your group, call us up and we’ll get started designing your special race today.