Completely Custom Team Building Workshop

Completely Custom Team Building – this one’s all about you!  Your goals are the starting point for a completely customized, fully tailored workshop that does what you need …no less than that, and possibly more!

Each Completely Custom team building workshop starts out on the drafting table from zero.  We build every component exactly to your specifications, based on your goals and your desires for what you want to give your team.

Not sure of your goals?  Let us help.

Let’s say you just want your team to be better.  We can transform that very general notion into a specific goal, and then act on it to create your Completely Custom team building workshop.  We promise: you’ll see results.

Here are some typical goals our past clients have had us work on with their teams:

  • boost morale
  • improve communication
  • navigate a change in management
  • deal with lots of incoming new employees
  • re-focus the team after a big loss
  • reinforce organizational goals
  • work with limited resources
  • understand diverse communication styles for better teamwork
  • think in a “big picture” way

Get the picture?  From seemingly vague goals to an actionable plan for positive change…Completely Custom Team Building gets you there.

And believe it or not, this list is only the beginning.  There are pretty much endless possibilities for how this workshop can help your team.  Just begin by chatting with us, and we’ll be able to pull from that conversation a goal and a plan for your team.

Consult with us and you’ll come away with a plan.

During your free initial consultation with us, you’ll get to talk about everything you have in mind for your team and how we can help.  Our job at that point is to just listen.

By listening carefully to you at the beginning stages of the workshop planning, we’re able to create for you a Completely Custom team building workshop that sets your team off on a path to better teamwork, better productivity, and continued learning that builds and builds.

Totally unique, totally engaging.

OK, so it’s custom and it’s all about you…but does it deliver?  Let our past clients speak to that!  You’ll find that hands-down, our workshops are often described as the best team building workshop a group has ever experienced.

Our facilitators are well-versed in the art of engagement…since nobody’s going to learn a thing unless they’re engaged, that’s the most important first step.  Secondly, our facilitators know how to take that engagement and focus it on building teamwork skills…all in a way that’s fun, intelligent, and productive!

If you’d like your team to experience a Completely Custom Team Building workshop with us, give us a shout.  We’re here to listen!