DiSC Personality Training

When team members understand how personality styles dictate communication styles, they get better at teamwork.  DiSC Personality Training teaches those skills so your team reaches ever higher levels of communication for the ultimate goal of incredible productivity!

DiSC Personality Training gives your team the competitive edge they need to win every time.

Everything-DiSC-Authorized-PartnerWhen teams learn about personality styles, they’re entering a higher realm of communication…one that unlocks creativity, collaboration, big picture thinking and lots more.

DiSC® personality workshops teach teams how to identify personality styles…but of course that’s no good unless they can use that knowledge to improve communication and collaboration.

Why’d she say that?

By learning how those personality styles affect how people communicate with one another, participants in our DiSC® workshops can begin to respond better to varying styles of inter- and intra- team communication.

Instead of wondering why someone is so rude, know that their style is simply different and you can begin to see where they’re coming from.  Silos are broken down, communication flows, and before you know it the workplace just got a whole lot more productive.

What’s DiSC Personality Training, anyway?

DiSC® is a trademarked brand, and we’re happy to be partnered with the original creators of this system.  We have a DiSC®-certified instructor on our very own team, and we’re proud to say he’s helped hundreds of people understand their co-workers a lot better.

DiSC® is not your old-fashioned personality test… there are no right or wrong answers to the assessment, and it serves merely to describe which unique blend of the 4 personality types each team member is:

  1. Dominant
  2. Influencing
  3. Steady
  4. Compliant

Nobody is purely one DiSC® type: we each have our own blend of styles, but one of them usually dominates.  It’s that style which most often dictates the way we speak with others at work.

By first understanding their own DiSC® styles, workshop participants learn how styles affect communication styles.  Then, they learn to turn that knowledge outward to begin assessing everyone they encounter.  That helps them understand why people communicate they way they do, and why we all have different ways of communicating.  That, in turn, leads to a higher-level understanding of workplace communication and teamwork in general.

Sounds like quite a process but trust us: our facilitator makes it fun!

If you think your team is ready for high-level communication and a deeper understanding of how teams work, get in touch.  You can call us up or fill out our quote form.  Either way it’s your chance to ask us your questions and see how a DiSC Personality Training workshop can move your team to the next level.