Team Fusion

Just think how efficient your team would be if they never had to deal with the issues that plague every office…corporate change, low morale, restructuring…you name it and it cuts into productivity. Team Fusion ™ changes all that by giving your team the tools to handle challenges in stride.

They’ll learn high-level communication, dealing with limited resources, responding to feedback: whatever it takes for your team to get back on its feet and be the all-star unit you know they can be!

Team Fusion™ brings focus to the group.

Team-Fusion-Corporate-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoThe thing about corporate change is that it tends to zap focus and morale, leaving even the most productive teams lifeless and unorganized.  Individuals lose their energy and that sentiment spreads like wildfire, obliterating any sense of cohesiveness your team may have once had.

Not to worry, though: Team Fusion ™ helps your team refocus, re-energize, and revisit their teamwork skills to see where communication may have broken down.

Team Fusion™ smooths out the bumps in your company road.

It does happen to every team at one time or another.  There are everyday challenges and then there are challenges that derail the whole group.  Usually these come in the form of enterprise-level change: a lost proposal, rapid expansion, or new management.

Each of these events can have a devastating effect on team spirit, which is why we created Team Fusion ™ in the first place.  We’re here to help “fuse” your team back together so they can get back to what’s really important.

Simple goals and a stress-free environment.

We put your team back on track by easing them into carefully crafted, hands-on activities that raise confidence levels, encourage trust, and teach new, better ways to accomplish goals together.

Doesn’t that sound perfect?

The goal here is re-focus your team so they can be everything you know they’re capable of becoming.  We accomplish that goal by involving everyone in engaging activities that won’t embarrass anyone, and they won’t feel silly or bored doing them.

Everyone takes part in rebuilding your team.

When everyone gets involved, everyone gets to benefit from the proven techniques we employ in each Team Fusion™ workshop.  We begin with ice breakers designed to warm everyone up, get them on the same page, and reinforce the notion that this workshop is a stress-free zone where there’s no judgment!

The fun challenges boost team confidence, and then the facilitator helps your team dial into how the lessons learned can translate to the work environment…we call it “debriefing” and it’s what makes our workshops work.

After all, who cares about great teamwork if it’s only possible in the carefully constructed environment of our workshop?

If your team needs a break from workplace problems and they could use a day to re-energize and refocus, give us a call.  We’ll set you up with our next Team Fusion ™ workshop and you can be on your way to Teamwork Plus.