Team Synergy

Even all-star teams who’ve nailed communication can benefit from a little boost in synergy!  Team Synergy ™ gives your group a leg up on collaboration, creating fresh perspectives when a challenge is called for.

Team-Synergy-Corporate-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoIf you have a high-performing group whose members are used to being shining stars, then you might already have a lot of healthy competition going on.  Team Synergy ™ is for groups who’d like to rev up collaboration and set their competitive natures aside for just a bit.

Collaboration is how teams go from good to great.

A funny thing happens when great employees pool their resources and focus on a common goal: creativity and productivity soar!  That’s exactly what we’re aiming for with each Team Synergy ™ team building workshop.

We help each participant see the value in diversity, so they appreciate one another’s individual strengths.  Together, each unique set of skills complements the others in the group, and the result is exponential improvements in every area of teamwork.

We call that “Synergy”!

Here’s why Team Synergy ™ works.

Proven techniques are used to build each custom workshop from the ground up.  We take your goals and our knowledge and put them together to create a team building workshop that gets results for positive change.

You can even bank on tangible results!  When you see your group incorporating the insights they’ve gained into the workplace setting days and even weeks after the workshop has ended, you’ll know it was the best decision to go with Team Synergy™.

Here’s HOW Team Synergy ™ works.

Our professional facilitators first set the tone of the workshop by opening up with ice breakers.  These are fun opening activities that serve to bring everyone down to the same level…in other words to relax!

Once a stress-free zone has been created, the group gets to work.  They’ll enjoy a series of hands-on activities that will draw out their natural interactive styles.  Once these styles are brought to light, the facilitator can help everyone understand how various styles are interconnected with the way communication takes place.

It’s all about better communication.

Core issues of communication are targeted, and anything that gets in the way of collaboration is ironed out!  The goal of Team Synergy™ is to work on those high-level communication skills that will enable better teamwork (aka “collaboration”) in all future projects.

It’s a lot of fun, and everyone goes home with valuable insights they can use at work.

If you’d like to offer your group a refreshing take on teamwork, one that leaves them re-energized and re-focused, please give us a call.  We’d love to help you out!